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Since my early childhood, I have been captivated by the thrill of travel. Relocating from East Africa to the UK at a young age acted as a catalyst, igniting my deep passion for exploration and adventure. Accompanying my parents on numerous journeys, both near and far, I was fortunate to have countless opportunities to immerse myself in different countries and cultures. These formative experiences served as the foundation for my lifelong love affair with travel and ultimately led me to pursue a career in this dynamic and exhilarating industry.

From my early days working for renowned airlines like Air Europe and Caledonian Airways, I developed a strong understanding of the travel industry. However, it was in Luxury Tour Operating that I found my true calling. For 18 years, I dedicated myself to fulfilling clients' dreams of unforgettable, well-deserved holidays. Starting at Hayes and Jarvis with long-haul destinations such as the Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Middle East, India, Asia, and Canada, I helped create dreams come true by curating extraordinary experiences for travellers.

During my time at Hayes and Jarvis, I had the privilege of witnessing the company's transition through various sales and acquisitions. I started when it was a medium-sized, privately owned company. It was then sold to First Choice Holidays as part of their specialist division, providing me with valuable insights into working for a large multinational travel company and exposing me to unique opportunities for professional growth. Later, TUI acquired First Choice Holidays, further expanding my understanding of the operations and dynamics within a global travel corporation.

I then had the opportunity to delve into the wonders of Europe with Sovereign Luxury Travel, discovering the rich histories and enchanting countries that make them fascinating destinations. Managing my own European destinations allowed me to cultivate my skills in partnership management, commercial strategies, and marketing.

Through my dedication, I was able to successfully embed these skills within my work and continued to grow and strengthen the relationships I had built with my partners. A further sale of these specialist group of brands to Travelopia, a privately owned business, then provided me with further invaluable knowledge and opportune moments to broaden my expertise in the industry.

After an immensely fulfilling career in Luxury Tour Operating, I decided to embark on a new endeavour and founded Shusma Knight, a consultancy service that provides a leading sales and marketing platform for independently owned hotels with a unique appeal.

" Travel is not just a job for me; it is a lifelong passion. I am grateful for the incredible experiences and opportunities this industry has given me, and I look forward to many more adventures to come. "

Shusma Knight Portrait

I am driven by a deep commitment to maintaining long-standing industry relationships and creating new ones, as well as having a proactive presence in the luxury travel market. I consider myself to be a loyal ambassador and an extension of the sales team for my exceptional hotel clients. With unwavering dedication, I am excited to continue serving clients and elevating their presence and awareness through Shusma Knight.

"It's been a pleasure to work with Shusma due to her deep knowledge of the hotel and local area, combined with her passion for travel and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service. She has been instrumental in promoting St Nicolas Bay and building strong relationships with industry professionals in the UK. "

Alex Glynos
General Manager - St Nicolas Bay Resort Hotel & Villas